Editorial | Unrefined Connection: A Luxurious and Conceptual Editorial Wedding Shoot

February 25, 2024

Romantic editorial wedding shoot that took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Editorial photos by Ashley Joyce.


Romantic editorial wedding shoot that took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Editorial photos by Ashley Joyce.

This editorial wedding shoot was a dream. With three lovely real couples, incredible design concepts, romantic styling, and unique food elements, this editorial wedding shoot was absolutely magical to be a part of.

Editorial Concept Description

Lillian of Drunk on Design shares her concept for this editorial shoot:

“Inspiration for the Unified Connection Editorial Shoot, which was held in Albuquerque, NM at The Avery event venue, stemmed from the magical White Sands National Park in New Mexico. While many may only associate New Mexico with its desert vistas, its rich history reveals a diverse terrain that once housed the ancient Permian Sea. 

From a whole fish served table side by Mila’s Mesa to caviar to quail egg shooters, my goal was to bring in cuisine that normally wouldn’t be served at a traditional New Mexican wedding. While acknowledging the allure of classic local New Mexican cuisine (which is always a treat), I sought to introduce something different, fostering an atmosphere where food became the cornerstone of communal connection.

Food is the epitome of bringing people together, so it was important to me that everyone who attended the shoot from the models to the vendors to the photographers were able to sit down, take a pause, and enjoy the art that had been curated by many brilliant minds and people. 

For me, this shoot represented more than just capturing aesthetics; it was about inviting photographers, models, and vendors alike to actively participate in the creative process. Each photographer was empowered to curate unique looks for the models ahead of time. This ensured that no two photographers left with identical content.  And that the content they were shooting, aligned with their personal visions and aesthetics. This opened the door to foster a diverse array of perspectives and interpretations.

I truly didn’t just want the photographers to simply capture the design, I wanted the photographers to be a part of the conceptualization of the art as well. The name, “Unified Connection,” stemmed from my concept of custom designed floral conduit welded chains that formed peaks and valleys, an ode to the mountainscapes in New Mexico. This was my focal point on the tablescapes – crafted by a local New Mexican artisan welder, Greg Feltz. Alex then went in and embellished them with baby orchids. 

To me, marriage is rooted in unity. We had floor to ceiling chains that signified strength and connection, a metaphor that carried itself throughout the entire shoot. In my quest for authenticity, I sought materials that felt organic yet unconventional, like the rusted metal piping repurposed from my dad’s junkyard to serve as cake stands for Cak’s beautiful masterpiece. 

None of this would have been possible without the invaluable contribution of Alex Fairchild from Marked Florals, whose creative prowess and unwavering support propelled the project to new heights and truly made the impossible possible.

In essence, the Unified Connection Shoot was not merely about capturing moments; it was about forging meaningful connections, celebrating diversity, and embracing the boundless possibilities of creative collaboration.”


Photography: Ashley Joyce

Styling: Natalie Gray Creative

Venue: The Avery

Florals: Marked by Alex

Hair & Makeup: Something Ginger

Design: Drunk on Design

Food: Milas Mesa

Invitation Design: Postl Press

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