A Truly Romantic Twin Lakes Wedding at Sunrise

February 20, 2024

A bride and a groom pose for their Twin Lakes wedding session on a sunny autumn day. Photos by Ashley Joyce Photography.


A bride and a groom pose for their Twin Lakes wedding session on a sunny autumn day. Photos by Ashley Joyce Photography.

A Sunrise Twin Lakes Wedding

Imagine being instantly immersed in the beauty of the landscape in which you stand. Imagine hearing nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees, the lapping of the lake’s water on the sandy shore, the sound of autumn birds searching for their morning meal. It’s still dark; the sun has not yet risen, although the sky is no longer black and is instead a dark blue. Stars sprinkle the sky above you, some slowly fading as the sun rises, others still shining brightly in the early morning twilight. You are standing with the one singular person in this immense world to whom your heart belongs, with your beloved pup by your side. This is how Mary and Christian began their Twin Lakes wedding session.

Twin Lakes: A Picturesque Location for a Colorado Wedding

While Mary and Christian had already gotten married through their local courthouse, they still longed for portraits in their wedding attire to mark their monumental decision to vow their lives to one another. As avid outdoor explorers, it only made sense to have their wedding session at an outdoor location, complete with expansive mountains in the distance, forested trails, and beautiful lakeside views. Queue the magical Twin Lakes.

Tucked away in a stunning mountain landscape just 2.5 hours from Denver, Mary and Christian’s Twin Lakes wedding location included serene surroundings of majestic mountain peaks, expansive lakes, and tall pine forests that were the perfect setting for their Colorado mountain wedding session. While we stayed further inland from the lake’s edge, we still felt its gentle breeze rustling through the trees and landscape surrounding us, and the majestically tall mountains stretched out behind Mary and Christian as I photographed them throughout the morning. For warmth, we headed further into the forest to allow the trees to block the morning wind from chilling their bones (and if you look through the photos, you’ll notice Mary’s bravery for wearing no jacket through most of the session). As the sun rose, its light and welcomed warmth streamed through the trees, creating the most fairytale scene for their session; I was enthralled by the way the two cuddled and laughed together while the sun shone on and around them. It was truly a sight to behold. 

I hope you love these photos as much as I loved taking them and experiencing the moments that were captured. And if you’re looking for a location for you wedding, I highly recommend hosting your own Twin Lakes wedding and contacting me to photograph your own special wedding day moments to help you immortalize your love forever and ever.

  1. Geri says:

    Wow!! Such breathtaking pictures of my son and my beautiful daughter in law!

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