Loveland Pass Engagement Session | Colorado Engagement Photos

April 13, 2022

I love a good online dating story and Modesty and Will have an adorable story:

“We met in 2014 on tinder haha I was 18, a freshman in college and he was a sophomore. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship at all yet somehow after the first day we met and hung out we were together every day since. In March of 2015 he told me he loved me to which I replied “well that’s interesting considering I’m not even your girlfriend (I am blunt hahah) to which he said “well do you want to be” and the rest was history. It feels cheesy but we are best friends. We love spending time together. When I do things without him I often find myself thinking “Oh Will would love this!” and usually send him pics when those things come up. We have always had the easiest relationship truly. People don’t believe us but we never fight. There’s just something so easy about being together :)”

Basically, Modesty & Will are best friends who love each other deeply and their love is so palpable, it’s truly incredible. <3


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