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Driving through Denver at the crack of dawn for Haley & Eric’s Lost Gulch Overlook engagement shoot, I was reminded how much I enjoy waking up super early to meet with clients for their shoot. I don’t always have the chance to work with my clients at such an early part of the day but it is always such a joy to experience, no matter how tired I may be upon wakening that morning. The moment the sun wakes the sleepy town my car is traveling through always brings me near to tears. I can’t help it; there’s just something so peaceful, almost life-giving about the sunrise. Maybe it’s the quiet calm of the sleepy morning hours. Maybe it’s the sound of birds singing to their friends that their breakfast is for the taking. Maybe it’s the way the golden light streaks across the horizon, giving me a view I hardly have the opportunity to experience (especially now that I live in a city and the horizon I long for is often obscured from view). Whatever it may be that makes my heart filled with tiny little rays of (possibly literal) sunshine, I never bat an eye when a client agrees to a sunrise shoot. This shoot with Haley and Eric was like every other sunrise shoot I’ve had; nothing but magical. Haley found my work through her co-worker, Erin (whose Boulder, Colorado wedding you can view here), with whom she’s worked with for a few years now. Haley was in the process of looking for wedding/engagement photographers and Erin being the sweet friend she is, recommended me. I’m forever grateful she did; Haley and Eric are a sweet, kind, hilarious couple to work with while we romped around the Lost Gulch Overlook near Boulder, Colorado.
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