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The couple: Jane & Parker. I have been friends with Jane since late 2011 when I met her (along with some other wonderful ladies I have been blessed to be friends with over the years) through a mutual friend. Looking back, it all felt quite serendipitous and I am forever thankful I met her. We have laughed together, had too many glasses of wine together, and she has been the subject of my photo shoots countless times over the years as I was building up my business (thank you so much, Jane!). When she moved to Wisconsin in 2013, I was certainly sad to have a close friend move so far away but I had high hopes that things would turn out great for her. When she met Parker in 2014, I remember chatting on the phone with her and hearing about this new man in her life; I kept wondering if he was going to treat her well, if they were going to make it through the difficulties of a relationship, and whether or not I would have the chance to meet him one day. Over time, it became clear that Parker was more than just a “new man” in Jane’s life; he was her person. With a dreamy proposal in Alaska in 2016 and plans to get married on a mountaintop in the fall, Jane & Parker embarked on a wonderful adventure towards marriage and I couldn’t have been happier for them. The wedding day: Keystone Resort. When Jane told me she was planning on getting married in Colorado in the fall, I knew her wedding was going to be magical to say the least. Once she told me it was going to be on top of a mountain, the excitement of her special day grew as the planning process progressed and I knew it was going to be quite the amazing event. Keystone Resort is nestled in the White River National Forest of the Rocky Mountains and their ceremony site offered spectacular near 360-degree views of the surrounding mountains. At 11,444 feet above sea level, the mountain greeted us with a refreshingly crisp air and the smallest of raindrops during the first few minutes of their ceremony. While surrounded by pine trees and a fresh autumn breeze, the two wedded in the company of their closest friends and loved ones. I’m so thankful and grateful for these two wonderful humans. Congratulations, Jane & Parker. You did it with style!



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