Wedding Celebration at The Infinite Monkey Theorem | Denver Wedding | Gwen & Alex

February 8, 2023

Sometimes life gives you curveballs and sometimes you get terribly sick on the day of your wedding celebration, leaving you at home with your cat while your wife goes to your wedding celebration without you. That was the unfortunate nature of Gwen and Alex’s wedding celebration that they held at The Infinite Monkey Theorem in Denver last spring.

While they had a lovely intimate forest elopement the year prior, almost exactly a year later in 2022 they planned to host an intimate celebration filled with wine, a delicious food truck, and plenty of dancing for the professional dancing / lighting duo. Unfortunately on the morning of the celebration, Alex felt terribly ill and agreed to stay home to heal and prevent others from getting sick, missing out on the celebration with friends and family.

While it was a slightly ill-fated circumstance, there were still nothing but joy, dancing, laughter, and plentiful hugs to go ’round, especially when Alex joined the festivities momentarily via FaceTime on Gwen’s phone. It was a wonderfully joyous occasion, even though Alex had to miss out on the party.

As you’ll see below, there was laughter a-plenty on this lovely afternoon in May.

View Gwen & Alex’s sunrise fall engagement session at Mount Falcon here.


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