Do you provide a second photographer for weddings?
I do indeed! Most of my wedding collections include a second photographer and if you book a collection without one, you can always add one on for an additional fee.
Do you travel?
Yes, yes, 100% yes. You can bet I'll happily jump on any plane to photograph you and your partner at any location.
I'm not very comfortable in front of the camera. Can you teach me what to do with my hands?
Totally. I know how awkward it can be in front of the camera (the main reason I'm the one behind the lens) and I will make sure you don't look awkward, stiff, or uncomfortable. I have plenty of easy prompts to help you feeling at ease in front of the camera and I will always get those natural smiles to shine through!
We want our engagement session to occur outside of your home city. Will you be able to accommodate this?
Happily! If you don't want your engagement session to occur within 1.5 hours of Denver, CO, there's nothing to worry about. I will travel anywhere for your engagement session because in the end, I want to provide you with photos that reflect who *you* two are, not who I am. For engagement sessions that require travel, an additional travel fee will be added on.
Do you have any guidance on how to make our engagement session meaningful and fun?
Always! Here are my top three tips on how to make the most out of your engagement session:

1. Wear something that you love, not something you think you *should* wear. If you're not the type of person to wear a bright flowy dress or a suit jacket, ditch it for those birks you rock on the daily. Or those trousers and flats. Or that comfy skirt and simple button-down shirt. Wearing something that is totally you will make you feel comfortable and will put you at ease during your session.

2. Choose a location that you love. You might have loved seeing one of my engagement sessions in the New Mexican desert but what if you've never even been to the state with the best green chile? Finding a location that you and your partner have a special connection with will ensure that you feel even more comfortable during your session and will help you both have lots of fun. This doesn't mean you *can't* go to a new location you've never been to for your engagement session but finding one you relate to really helps. If you need help finding that special location, I'm always happy to offer a helping hand.

3. Timing is everything. If you're wanting those beautiful photographs with warm, golden light, planning your engagement shoot at noon on a Saturday will not be ideal. The Golden Hour for photos is within 1-2 hours of sunrise and sunset and planning your shoot around this time really does make a difference.
Can you help us plan our elopement?
Of course! I *love* helping my clients as much as possible with their wedding day plans, especially if you're planning an intimate elopement. If you need help with finding the best location or local vendors for your elopement, I'm happy to provide any guidance you need. If you need more in-depth planning assistance, a planning fee will be added on.
We love our pets. Can they join us for our engagement session, family session, or wedding?
ohmygosh, yes please!
Do you deliver black and white photos?
Let me tell you something: I started photographing (like, really photographing, not just with my dinky film camera in the early 2000's) with medium format cameras and used nothing but black and white film. It sold me. Black and white photographs are some of my favorites to deliver to my clients. There's sometimes nothing better! If I don't provide enough black and white photos in your final photo gallery, just let me know and I'd be thrilled to send you more. Truly.
Is there any way to save some money on wedding photography?
If you're planning an elopement or intimate wedding at select locations (view more on my pricing page below), I'm happy to offer discounts! Or, if you're planning a weekday affair, a winter wedding (November - February), or are in a crunch with less than three months until your wedding date, I'm happy to provide some flexibility with my wedding fees. Let's discuss your plans over the phone so I know how best I can serve you with your current budget.
How long will it take to get my photos?
For engagement, family, or other portrait sessions, the turnaround time is around 2 weeks, if not sooner.

For weddings and elopements, proof galleries will be delivered within 20-30 days, if not sooner. Once your proof gallery is delivered, you can take all the time you need to make your selection of the images you want me to do the final edits on. The final edits can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks, depending on the season. I know you might be too excited to wait to share photos from your wedding day so I'm always happy to provide up to 15 images to you within the week! Just let me know which 15 you'd like and I'll send them right over to you.
Am I allowed to print the photos you deliver to me?
Yes of course! All sessions and events come with a print release form when I deliver the final gallery. This basically states that I still hold the copyright of the images but that I am giving you permission to use them for your photo albums, sharing online (this includes sharing instructions like tagging me on Instagram (@ashleyjoycephotography), not adding wild filters to the photos, etc.), and creating canvases and other prints with them. I, of course, offer professionally-printed products to all of my clients and you're able to get these amazing products delivered directly to your door by purchasing them via your photo gallery! If you have any questions about this, just holler and I'd be happy to help!
Are you able to shoot at night or in dark situations/venues?
Hello darkness my old friend...
In all seriousness, yes. I ensure that for every event or session I photograph, I am equipped with professional-grade equipment to help me achieve the best results for my clients. From using the correct flashes and soft boxes, to ensuring my lenses perform well in dim lighting, you can be sure that you'll be receiving images that are correctly exposed and beautifully edited.
Are you insured?
100% yes. There's no way I would be photographing my couples' favorite day without a few safety precautions.
What happens if you get sick or injured and can't photograph our event?
This question has only been asked a handful of times but it's a super important one! If I get very sick or injured and simply *cannot* perform for your wedding day, I have a clause in my contract that states that I will attempt to find a replacement photographer who performs for the same or similar costs as I do. Here's the full clause, just in case you're super curious before you reach out to inquire about booking me:

Should it be necessary for Photographer to cancel, Photographer will attempt to find a replacement photographer to provide the Services at the same or a similar cost to Clients. However, Photographer cannot guarantee that a substitute will be found or that a substitute’s rates will be the same as or similar to Photographer’s. Clients shall be entitled to accept or reject the substitute with the understanding that Clients will be responsible for the full fees and costs of the substitute photographer if they should choose to accept its services in lieu of Photographer’s. In the exclusive event of cancellation by Photographer, the Retainer Fee will be reapplied in one of two ways: (1) should the Photographer and Client agree upon a replacement photographer, the Retainer Fee shall transfer to replacement photographer, or (2) the Retainer Fee shall be refunded in its entirety to the Client.
My family member / friend is a budding photographer. Do you mind if they take photographs at the wedding?
While I fully support family members' / friends' excitement and desire to take photos during the wedding, having someone else with a professional camera at the wedding can often be disruptive. If they are not intruding on where I need to be to take photographs to fully capture your wedding day, then they are totally welcome to take photographs. If you think this may be a concern, let's have an open discussion about how we can work together on this.
Can we get the RAW files/unedited versions of the photos you took?
This is 100% not doable. By hiring me, you are hiring not only my photographic skills, but also my artistic editing style. By providing RAW or unedited photos, I will be giving up my creative license and that is not something professional photographers do. If you have concerns about this, let's have an open conversation about these details.
How do I book you?
All you need to do is send me a message! Let me know what you're interested in booking me for, tell me the date you're wanting to book, and give me some tidbits about you. I love learning about my clients so feel free to be candid with it! I seriously can't wait to hear from you.
Email me at: ashleyjoycephoto(at)gmail.com

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Chris & Rebecca | Grand Canyon National Park Elopement Review

We were so pleasantly surprised that she didn't just have talent, but also was amazing to work with. I cannot express strongly enough how much we both absolutely LOVED working with her. From how incredibly calm, kind, and relaxing she is to speak with and work with to her organization and creativity.... I find myself getting lost in the pictures that she took of us and how effortlessly they captured the moments. I look at the photos and can remember how the moment felt, even now, months later. Thank you for capturing our day and encasing those memories for all eternity for us. It means the world to us.